Let Me Tell You About...

Let Me Tell You About...

Co-hosts Tad and Aleks share stories with each other and "interview" others about the endless shenanigans we or our guests have experienced as well as going back and forth about various nerd topics. Everything from nearly being arrested outside of a comic shop, going to PAX, shutting down Neopets, absolutely terrible MOBAs, filming and acting in three feature length indie films, dreams with legitimate sequels, and even more asinine stories.

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    Knocked up with Zeus' PISS BABY

    Aleks shares some of his favorite myths. We cover e-boy Thanatos, Perseus the piss baby, the brilliance of Diogenes and more. I dont know about you but It's all greek to me! (We have fun here)

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    Francisco Pizarro, the Incas and El Dorado

    Aleks and Tad take you, our eagle eyed listener, to Kuzco and the Inca empire. Aleks weaves his own quipo regarding Francisco Pizarro and his bizarro friendship with Atahualpa. Oh and something about a lost city of gold.

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    Noyz Boyz 19: Noyz Boise

    Aleks and Tad hung out in person in Boise Idaho for a very special LIVE Noyz Boyz! But we didnt actually record until we returned to our respective states. Maybe next time.

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    HP Lovecraft

    Back at it again with the fish people its ya boy Lovecraft.

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    Surviving World War Three

    Do you have what it takes to survive World War Three? Probably not! Luckily we've got you covered.

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    Cortez and the Aztecs

    Professor Aleks enthralls us with the tale of Cortez and the Aztecs.

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    Noyz Boyz 18: The Decade of Memes

    (Memes in the title is pronounced MayMays) Tad and MetalCap!Aleks mishandle a myriad of topics as we near the end of the decade.

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    Homestuck #6 - Epilogues and Homestuck^2

    Welcome to Rt 413 aka The Homestuck Highway. Keep an eye on the signs to stay on route. Or maybe not. What is a road sign? Are they canon? Are they real? I sure don't know! I'm being metatextual and subversive!

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    Noyz Boyz 17: Rusty 소년들

    Tad and Aleks are back at it again. Running the mics (as we call it within our community) is just like started up Killer Instinct for SNES after not playing for 20 years and going ULTRA. EZ as pie. Aleks lectures Korean history while Tad asks for pizza recommendations.

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