Let Me Tell You About...

Let Me Tell You About...

Co-hosts Tad and Aleks share stories with each other and "interview" others about the endless shenanigans we or our guests have experienced as well as going back and forth about various nerd topics. Everything from nearly being arrested outside of a comic shop, going to PAX, shutting down Neopets, absolutely terrible MOBAs, filming and acting in three feature length indie films, dreams with legitimate sequels, and even more asinine stories.

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    Noyz Boyz 14: The Tower

    Smash Bros Ultimate has leaked out for data-miners and the possibility of Steve Minecraft DLC hangs above us all like a guillotine. In other news Aleks speaks of The Walmart Tower and we talk about the dumb stuff we've been up to since October.

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    Guest Boyz - 8-Bit Brody & Dumbest Of All Worlds

    On this episode of Guest Boyz we have two undiscovered Youtube talents by the names of 8-Bit Brody and Dumbest of All Worlds. Both criminally unknown the the high quality stuff they make I thought it would be fun to have them on the show to talk about what its like before you 'make it' as a youtuber.

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    Physical vs Digital TCGs

    Aleks and I talk about the advantages and disadvantages of a physical TCG game and a digital version. I also talk about the three features a digital card game cannot replicate that are easily done in any physical card game.

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    QOTM: October 2018

    October has come and gone and with it the spooks, spectres and skeletons dig into the each for another year. But QOTM? You can't get rid of it that easily.

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    Tad and Aleks discuss the GrinchLeak for Smash bros 24 hours before being potential BTFO by the Nintendo Direct on 11/1/2018.

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    Homestuck #4: The Huss

    Who is Andrew Hussie and how exactly did he go about writing Homestuck? Tad takes a deep dive into Hussie's writing techniques and the plot skeleton of Homestuck as he picks apart what he believes is 'the original story.'

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    [Bonus] Boomers for Azeroth

    Homestuck #4 is kicking my butt so we've got a bonus episode with "official 24-year old boomers" Aleks and Matt as we crack open our respective sips and rev up our mowers to talk about old-school MMOs.

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    Noyz Boyz 12: Noyz Bros

    Back from Evo with a SMASH. Aleks and Tad check in to talk about their trip, the new smash stuff and the American Tradition of Pool Falcons.

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    QOTM: August 2018

    Here it is, the August questions of the month. The QOTM we make the first day of the new month. On the 14th.

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