Let Me Tell You About...

Let Me Tell You About...

Co-hosts Tad and Aleks share stories with each other and "interview" others about the endless shenanigans we or our guests have experienced as well as going back and forth about various nerd topics. Everything from nearly being arrested outside of a comic shop, going to PAX, shutting down Neopets, absolutely terrible MOBAs, filming and acting in three feature length indie films, dreams with legitimate sequels, and even more asinine stories.

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    Guest Boyz - Bionicle Deepest Lore

    Deep from the forgotten LMTYA vault comes an episode recorded in 2018 and previously lost to time immemorial. Liz and Tad break down what the fuck a Bionicle is.

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    The Making Of Sip Boyz

    Behind the scenes info and development stories behind Sip Boyz.

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    How You Hanging In There Bros

    Aleks talks about his coping mechanisms for his meaningless and pitiful existence! Its a fun episode I swear.

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    Homestuck #5 - Why did we care?

    In this episode Tad explains WHY people like him stayed with HS and what it meant to people who read it.

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    My Quarter-Life Crisis

    Half (of half) Life: QUARTER-LIFE CONSEQUENCES.

    Aleks and Tad talk about being sadboyz and how thats actually pretty normal to feel and offer some advice on what to do about it.

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