Let Me Tell You About...

Let Me Tell You About...

Co-hosts Tad and Aleks share stories with each other and "interview" others about the endless shenanigans we or our guests have experienced as well as going back and forth about various nerd topics. Everything from nearly being arrested outside of a comic shop, going to PAX, shutting down Neopets, absolutely terrible MOBAs, filming and acting in three feature length indie films, dreams with legitimate sequels, and even more asinine stories.

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    Gilgamesh and Enkidu: Superstar Saga


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    Best Boyz: Neon Genesis Evangelion (TV Series)

    Emotionally damaged people causing harm to themselves and those they love. No not Homestuck, it's Neon Genesis Evangelion! Watch along with Joe and Tad as we cover one of the most influential animated series of all time starting with the original TV series.

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    Knocked up with Zeus' PISS BABY

    Aleks shares some of his favorite myths. We cover e-boy Thanatos, Perseus the piss baby, the brilliance of Diogenes and more. I dont know about you but It's all greek to me! (We have fun here)

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    Francisco Pizarro, the Incas and El Dorado

    Aleks and Tad take you, our eagle eyed listener, to Kuzco and the Inca empire. Aleks weaves his own quipo regarding Francisco Pizarro and his bizarro friendship with Atahualpa. Oh and something about a lost city of gold.

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    Noyz Boyz 19: Noyz Boise

    Aleks and Tad hung out in person in Boise Idaho for a very special LIVE Noyz Boyz! But we didnt actually record until we returned to our respective states. Maybe next time.

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    HP Lovecraft

    Back at it again with the fish people its ya boy Lovecraft.

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    Surviving World War Three

    Do you have what it takes to survive World War Three? Probably not! Luckily we've got you covered.

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    Cortez and the Aztecs

    Professor Aleks enthralls us with the tale of Cortez and the Aztecs.

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    Noyz Boyz 18: The Decade of Memes

    (Memes in the title is pronounced MayMays) Tad and MetalCap!Aleks mishandle a myriad of topics as we near the end of the decade.

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    Homestuck #6 - Epilogues and Homestuck^2

    Welcome to Rt 413 aka The Homestuck Highway. Keep an eye on the signs to stay on route. Or maybe not. What is a road sign? Are they canon? Are they real? I sure don't know! I'm being metatextual and subversive!

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    Noyz Boyz 17: Rusty 소년들

    Tad and Aleks are back at it again. Running the mics (as we call it within our community) is just like started up Killer Instinct for SNES after not playing for 20 years and going ULTRA. EZ as pie. Aleks lectures Korean history while Tad asks for pizza recommendations.

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    Why is China so "bad?" Aleks takes a trip through time to give an explanation of how China got to where it is today.

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    No Stupid Questions 5 - Urinal Cakes and Smiley Stickers

    "We answer the small insignificant stupid questions that no one else has the GUTS to answer."

    This episode we talk about Dragonball Z Carnivals, Tasty Cakes, Jiffy the Giraffe, custom mixing energy drinks, Radical Larry, the horrifying Deus Ex world we live in, smiles, American social credit, and other Stupid Questions.

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    QOTM: September 2019 (The Finale?)

    Aleks and I answer your not-so-stupid-questions in this entry of Questions Of The Month! Listen through to the end as there's some important questions of our own we want to ask you listeners.

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    No Stupid Questions 4 - Understanding Death and Poop Physics

    "We answer the small insignificant stupid questions that no one else has the GUTS to answer."

    This episode we talk about Oceanography, inter-household cooking, castle seiges, fornite b.c., the shaky cam, coprocists and other Stupid Questions.

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    No Stupid Questions 3 - Arkansas Pollen and Scary Skeletons

    "We answer the small insignificant stupid questions that no one else has the GUTS to answer."

    This episode we talk about efficient goose suicide methods, edutainment, inbred plants, gros michel bananas, toilet paper economics, dating advice for incels, the city of Cusco and other Stupid Questions.

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    No Stupid Questions 2 - Homing Pigeons and Anime Ships

    "There's no such thing as a Stupid Question, but there are plenty of Stupid Answers."

    This episode we talk about feral pigeons, skycrapers, expired medicine, the matrix, dagda's dong, "air hungry," anime girl boats and other Stupid Questions.

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    Guest Boyz - Bionicle Deepest Lore

    Deep from the forgotten LMTYA vault comes an episode recorded in 2018 and previously lost to time immemorial. Liz and Tad break down what the fuck a Bionicle is.

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    The Making Of Sip Boyz

    Behind the scenes info and development stories behind Sip Boyz.

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    How You Hanging In There Bros

    Aleks talks about his coping mechanisms for his meaningless and pitiful existence! Its a fun episode I swear.

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    Homestuck #5 - Why did we care?

    In this episode Tad explains WHY people like him stayed with HS and what it meant to people who read it.

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    My Quarter-Life Crisis

    Half (of half) Life: QUARTER-LIFE CONSEQUENCES.

    Aleks and Tad talk about being sadboyz and how thats actually pretty normal to feel and offer some advice on what to do about it.

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    QOTM: March 2019

    Beware the Ides of LMTYA. For they bring ranting nerds and misfortune upon those who enjoy nerd things in ways I dont find personally fufilling! It's another Questions Of The Month!

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    SMT4 the Dark Souls of RPGs

    Tad takes a step back as Aleks goes through the art of killing his annoying anime friends in the long running and totally unknown to me RPG series SMT. Specifically SMT 4 Apocalypse. Ready your fedoras.

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    DM Workshop: Example Session Zero

    A session zero is a tabletop game session that takes place before the players and DM start their adventure. It is also the most important part of your game.

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    Noyz Boyz 15: Noyz Brolyz

    Reporting from the arctic wasteland of the midwest (and technically a desert) its a new NOYZ BOYZ!

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    [Bonus] Best Boyz: No Country for Old Men

    I went to see Aquaman at 9am and Joe made my popcorn so greasy it actually ruined my cool chinese shirt. Then we got home and watched No Country for Old Men.

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    QOTM: December 2018

    Final episode of 2018 and the first episode of 2019? :thinking:

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    2019 Review: Part 1 - 2018

    Only one more year until 2019! We kick off our 2019 celebrations early with a prequel episode to the podcast sensation that will be sweeping the nation next year. Look forward to the 2019 round up but for now treat yourself with our LMTYA year in review for 2018.

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    Toby 'No More Nicknames' Fox

    Tad and Aleks discuss how Toby Fox created Undertale/Deltarune and his use of leitmotifs in storytelling. A retrospective on Undertale shows where it succeeded and where it fell short game design-wise. We also cover what we believe Deltarune is all about and go a bit into music theory.

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    QOTM: November 2018

    November is no-more (did I use that joke last time?) but you know whats still going strong? This months QOTM!

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    Noyz Boyz 14: The Tower

    Smash Bros Ultimate has leaked out for data-miners and the possibility of Steve Minecraft DLC hangs above us all like a guillotine. In other news Aleks speaks of The Walmart Tower and we talk about the dumb stuff we've been up to since October.

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    Guest Boyz - 8-Bit Brody & Dumbest Of All Worlds

    On this episode of Guest Boyz we have two undiscovered Youtube talents by the names of 8-Bit Brody and Dumbest of All Worlds. Both criminally unknown the the high quality stuff they make I thought it would be fun to have them on the show to talk about what its like before you 'make it' as a youtuber.

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    Physical vs Digital TCGs

    Aleks and I talk about the advantages and disadvantages of a physical TCG game and a digital version. I also talk about the three features a digital card game cannot replicate that are easily done in any physical card game.

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    QOTM: October 2018

    October has come and gone and with it the spooks, spectres and skeletons dig into the each for another year. But QOTM? You can't get rid of it that easily.

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    Tad and Aleks discuss the GrinchLeak for Smash bros 24 hours before being potential BTFO by the Nintendo Direct on 11/1/2018.

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    Homestuck #4: The Huss

    Who is Andrew Hussie and how exactly did he go about writing Homestuck? Tad takes a deep dive into Hussie's writing techniques and the plot skeleton of Homestuck as he picks apart what he believes is 'the original story.'

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    [Bonus] Boomers for Azeroth

    Homestuck #4 is kicking my butt so we've got a bonus episode with "official 24-year old boomers" Aleks and Matt as we crack open our respective sips and rev up our mowers to talk about old-school MMOs.

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    Noyz Boyz 12: Noyz Bros

    Back from Evo with a SMASH. Aleks and Tad check in to talk about their trip, the new smash stuff and the American Tradition of Pool Falcons.

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    QOTM: August 2018

    Here it is, the August questions of the month. The QOTM we make the first day of the new month. On the 14th.

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    SlapCity the ICONS KILLER

    Aleks and Tad get slap happy as they talk about why Icons is totally screwed. Also the competitive Melee community, project M, and SLAP CITY BITCH. We'll see you in the Arena. It'll be iconic.

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    DM Workshop #5: Building a One-Shot

    Tad and Dan from Revival: A Dungeons and Dragons Realplay Podcast are back for some DM Tips and Tricks in another DM Workshop. This time we're building a One-Shot adventure from a the ground up. We're starting with some vague ideas and a half baked plot to show how to create the framework for a great session.

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    Best Boyz 21: Twin Peaks Season 3

    “This is the water, and this is the well. Drink full, and descend. The horse is the white of the eyes, and dark within” - A very dirty woodsman

    After what feels like 25, Tad and Joe jump back into Twin Peaks to talk about what the fuck happened in Season 3.

    Wow bob wow!

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    Henshin Homies: [Episode Zero]

    Episode Zero of a new side podcast called HENSHIN HOMIES! This is a general overview of what Kamen Rider is before we start the show proper for this weird Power Rangers thing. Alba from TnA w/ T&A (And A) will be my co-host starting with Kamen Rider W!

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    QOTM: June 2018

    It's the QOTM for June (again!) We step inside from the sweltering summer heat to chill off with some BURNING fan questions submitted via Patreon. Also we talk a lot about teeth.

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    NOYZ BOYZ 11: Working Boyz

    Tad and Aleks settle in for another Noyz Boyz where they talk about shit (literally), shit talk old jobs and shoot the shit about games we've been playing. Such as, Shaq Fu: A LEGEND REBORN.

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    E3 2018 - BIG MOODS

    This was the year of the Samurai at E3 2018 and the honorable Tad-san and Aleks-chan go over a shortlist of the games shown during this years E3 and take some BIG MOODS on The Last of Us 2 and Death Stranding.

  58. Thumb 1528151626 artwork

    QOTM: May 2018

    Can I make the same joke from last year? I don't know MAY I? Patreon Questions of the Month for May 2018! Wooooo holy fuck look at em go!

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    Pewdiepie, the Biggest Face Turn in Youtube History

    In this episode us ~Bros~ talk about the Pewdiepie's anime redemption arc. Pewdiepie is a pretty smalltime youtuber with about 70 million subscribers. Real low key like Markiplier, JackSepticEye, and a bunch that i'm too old to know about in my early 20s. Most people know PewDiePie from his survival horror lets plays and the screeching face cam, however he's changed greatly since 2011 into producing genuinely entertaining and well made videos.

  60. Thumb 1527545295 artwork

    Best Boyz 20: Jackie Brown

    Tarantino's third feature film Jackie Brown stars Pam Grier as an Mexican airline attendant who becomes deeply entangled with the local crime syndicate. As the movie plays out it becomes increasingly unclear exactly who is playing who on the hunt for $500,000.

  61. Thumb 1527116890 artwork

    Gettin' Mad at Cartoons

    Aleks and Tad talk about THUNDERCATS ROAR and the pros & cons of the 'CalArts' style of modern cartoons. Aleks gives Tad a quick rundown on OK KO! and Tad accidentally opens the door for Aleks to scream about Steven Universe for 40 minutes. Whoops.

  62. Thumb 1526151253 artwork

    Best Boyz 19: Taxi Driver

    Joe finally sits my happy ass down to watch a movie I've been missing for a while by the name of 'Taxi Driver.' I actually had a chance to watch this movie in theaters but opted for 'The Martian in 3D.' Let's find out if I made the right decision.

  63. Thumb 1525865080 artwork

    The Japanese Slot-Machine Cinematic Universe

    Aleks and Tad dive into the slot machine company (we think?) called Daito Music and how they have crafted a world and cast of characters that, despite the language barrier, have managed to touch our hearts. Also Aleks makes a fake identity.

  64. Thumb 1525531742 artwork

    Guest Boyz 5: Rooflemonger [FGC and DBZ]

    Long time fighting game enthusiast and Youtube tutorialist(?) Rooflemonger joins the show to talk about the Fighting Game Community, Dragonball FighterZ, and the future of the FGC and eSports.

  65. Thumb 1525404481 artwork

    Noyz Boyz 10: Infinity Bore

    Back after a break and boisterious as ever it's ya Noyz BoyZ Tad and Aleks! We update n'yall on what we've been up to and talk about space truckstops, weddings, and not a single Overwatch mention! Also we're going to EVO 2018 to get ourselves decimated (which means to take away 1/10 of something for your future reference)

  66. Thumb 1525229146 artwork

    QOTM: April 2018

    With school finals finalizing (finally) we can finally pull up our Questions Of The Month for April 2018!

  67. Thumb 1524018317 artwork


    Aleks tells Tad all about the little pink powerball, Kirby! We go over what makes Kirby enjoyable and a short chronology of the main series and the steps each has taken in adding on to the Kirby formula.

  68. Thumb 1522973584 artwork

    Hiveswap News Update

    Extray! Extray! Read all about it! 9 months after the first Act Hiveswap is once again in trouble! Viz Media acquires Homestuck! All these headlines and more brought to you by LMTYA Publishers, only 25 cents!

  69. Thumb 1522454568 artwork

    QOTM March 2018

    I identify greatly with the irishman's plight. The lack of potatoes and the abundance of alcohol. Know what we're not lacking? Great questions sent in for the March 2018 Questions Of The Month!

  70. Thumb 1522204893 artwork

    Roblox GeoPolitics (With GeePM)

    Alex (Geepm) hops on the show again to talk about the incredibly deep Roblox political scene and his time running Militaires Sans Oofs, a Roblox PMC.

  71. Thumb 1521606339 artwork

    Smash 5 Character Bracket

    With the announcement of Super Smash Bros for Switch (aka 5mash aka Sma5h aka 5ma5h) Aleks and Tad put their little Jiren minds together to make a 8v8 bracket between three tiers of potential Smash Bros characters.

  72. Thumb 1521170197 artwork

    Stealth Games

    If walking down a hallway avoiding confrontation and slowly reaching the other side doesn't sound like a sweet videogame to you you're probably part of the majority!

  73. Thumb 1520211349 artwork

    QOTM February [BONUS]

    Love is in the air as we answer yet more Patreon Questions of the Month that are completely unrelated to the month of February or anything it entails!

  74. Thumb 1519829227 artwork

    Yume Nikki

    In this weeks LMTYA Aleks revisits one of his favorite games and its recently released sequel/remake/re-imagining Yume Nikki: Dream Diary. Aleks gives a brief overview of both games and we talk about two prevailing theories (and a few of our own).

    What did Kikiyama mean by this?

  75. Thumb 1519493490 artwork

    Best Boyz 18: Twin Peaks Part 1

    Join Tad and Joe as they watch the #1 TV thriller of all time. Twin Peaks follows the investigation of 17 year old high schooler Laura Palmer's murder and the mysterious circumstances surrounding her death. The town of Twin Peaks holds many mysteries and connections betwixt the townsfolk and its up to sherrif Truman and FBI agent Dale Cooper to unravel the secrets of this sleepy mountain town.

  76. Thumb 1519350135 artwork


    Aleks and Tad talk about one of the neglected gaming icons from the 90s and early 2000s. The man with no hands, the ladykiller with no limbs, the brute with no foot, Rayman!

  77. Thumb 1518888013 artwork

    Best Boyz 17: My Friend Dahmer

    Tad and Joe take a fun indie movie for a spin about serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer's teenage life before his first murder. And golly gee did it remind me of Joe a little too much.

  78. Thumb 1518647766 artwork

    VHS Tapes and Daddy Issues

    Tad and Aleks reminisce about the glory days of watching old disney movies on VHS and playing Mario Party 2 at McDonalds.

  79. Thumb 1518065538 artwork

    Guest Boyz 4: Bug Fables Dev Team

    It's a special episode of Guest Boyz as Tad brings on Jose Fernando Gracia (Writer/Concept Artist/Level Design) and Tristan Alric (Music and SFX) from the Bug Fables development team!

  80. Thumb 1517688597 artwork

    QOTM January [BONUS]

    Its averaging -20 degrees so stay in and join us for a hot and/or spicy Question Of The Month session for January!

  81. Thumb 1517442878 artwork

    How To Learn Fighting Games (with Dan, the DM)

    With the release of Dragonball FighterZ and an influx of people new to the fighting game genre, Dan (from Revival fame) hops on the show to talk about how to not suck. We go over what makes a fighting game, the mindset needed to succeed in the genre (enjoy your losses!) and most importantly why fighting games are fun. We cover proper training mode techniques and attitudes to help a player learn the ins and outs of the genre and expediate their journey from scrub to expert.

  82. Thumb 1517168149 artwork

    Best Boyz 16: JAWS

    Joe along with local radioman Ryan Ziegler talk about the original blockbuster Jaws. A longer than usual episode with a lot of joe moments (or joements as we call them) and a lot of behind the scenes information about the production of Jaws.

  83. Thumb 1516816217 artwork

    NOYZ BOYZ 9: Of Noyz and Boyz

    The Boyz ignore the itching at the back of their minds about the possibility of total global annihilation by talking about their favorite videogame soundeffects and cutscenes! And don't forget about the variety of mobile games to occupy your attention when you stray from your current task. We also talk about the ANGRIEST we've ever been at a game. A lot of different emotions in this episode.

  84. Thumb 1516597187 artwork

    Best Boyz 15: Punch-Drunk Love

    The first and probably last Adam Sandler movie to make the Best Boyz list, Punch-Drunk Love! Funnyman Adam Sandler plays his usual socially awkward and bottled-up character but placed into a typical Rom-Com setup that results in an incredibly interesting film.

  85. Thumb 1516192600 artwork

    Nerdy Podcasts Done At A Rapid Pace

    Aleks and Tad talk about speedrunning and their opinions on AGDQ and its rapid expansion since its humble 2013 beginnings.

  86. Thumb 1515639081 artwork
  87. Thumb 1515286823 artwork

    Dragonball Z's Popularity

    Aleks and Tad talk about Dragonball Z and our experiences with the best "cartoon" on TV (circa early 2000s). We go over our favorite parts of the series and express what we love, and what we hate about Z, GT, and Super.

  88. Thumb 1514841020 artwork

    QOTM December [BONUS]

    With a new year comes a new Questions Of The Month! Tad and Aleks consider canibalism, Krampus survival techniques, gift giving and more as we read off this month's patreon submissions.

  89. Thumb 1514412737 artwork

    2016 Wrap Up Part 2: 2017

    2017 is coming to a close and hopefully THIS TIME theres not a political assassination 2 days after we upload. Aleks and Tad go over our favorite games, shows and events of 2017 aka 2016 part 2.

  90. Thumb 1514225318 artwork

    [BONUS] Michael's Movie Theatre Madness!

    For this month's BONUZ BOYZ Tad and Michael have a chat about their work stories and things pretty much spiral out of control from there.

  91. Thumb 1513813341 artwork
  92. Thumb 1513641084 artwork

    Best Boyz 14: The Big Lebowski

    Pretty complicated stuff in this episode, lotta ins and outs pretty important stuff ya know?

  93. Thumb 1513203849 artwork

    Homestuck #3: The Fandom Menace

    Secondary fans, tribal mentalities, stick and stones with some hurtful words thrown in. Tad and Aleks talk about the 'fandom' mentality and its impact on modern media both good and bad. We go over the 'Xies' secondaries and how they impacted both Homestuck and other modern media projects.

  94. Thumb 1512514363 artwork

    QOTM November [BONUS]

    Tf2ware, pokemon gyms, pokemon TECHNIQUES, Hussie hits, pre-installed laptop entertainment, Ultra Instinct Krampus and more in this months LMTYA Questions Of The Month Patreon special!

  95. Thumb 1511983430 artwork

    Aleks and Tad take the "True Zodiac Quiz" [BONUS]

    We decided it would be a lot of fun to go through the recently released "Official Extended Zodiac" to determine our True Sign and more important, our official Homestuck Aspects! Also we go off on a few tangents about being a time warlord.

  96. Thumb 1510790817 artwork


    This week Aleks and Tad talk about loot boxes and their sudden presence in both multiplayer and singleplayer games. We go from the alleged first instance of a lootbox system in a videogame up to the current EA Battlefront 2 controversy. Are loot boxes always terrible? Is there a proper way to use them or will they always be a bad idea?

  97. Thumb 1510169599 artwork


    Post Halloween the boyz talk about bullshit bugfights, flamboyent fisticuffs, and a b-retty good Blizzcon.

  98. Thumb 1509590163 artwork

    Homestuck #2: Act 5

    The second of four episodes detailing Tad's experience and views on Homestuck, the comic that ruined his life. Episode two covers the generalized story across Act 5.1 and 5.2 and we arrive to where Aleks was reading right alongside Tad.

  99. Thumb 1509507806 artwork

    QOTM October [BONUS]

    Waifu battledomes, the record room coffin, BUYING ROBO GFS, WHEN HE SAID 'CUCK' I STOOD AND CLAPPED, skeleton goofs, and even more spooky tales sent in from the spookiest people picked from Patreon.

  100. Thumb 1509507677 artwork

    Best Boyz 13: Halloween

    Ending our Best Boyz October special on possibly the greatest Halloween movie ever made (both movie series and the holiday as a whole)

  101. Thumb 1509506860 artwork

    Best Boyz 12: Alien

    Tad and Joe finally watch the first of the Alien series one of the largest scifi movie franchises ever. We talk about the history of the movie, the fantastic artstyle, and how much scarier the Xenomorph would have been if they used the screen test version.

  102. Thumb 1509299825 artwork

    Best Boyz 11: Eraserhead

    Tad and Joe go over David Lynch's first movie Eraserhead a 90 minute nightmare that never ends about the horrors of child rearing (maybe) the apocalyptic future (maybe) or possibly chickens (probably).

  103. Thumb 1508876586 artwork

    Best Boyz 10: It Follows

    Tad and Joe talk about a particularly well known and celebrated thriller about STDs. Or is it innocence? Virginity? Luckily your best boyz are safe for now.

  104. Thumb 1508624458 artwork

    Best Boyz 9: Psycho

    Tad and TheRealJoeBuck watch one of the most influential Horror/Thriller movies of all time. Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. The movie that changed horror cinematography and is still a pretty spooky movie.

  105. Thumb 1508432657 artwork

    Best Boyz 8: Funny Games

    Funny Games (US) is a (mostly) shot for shot remake of a German film of the same name and same director Michael Haneke. Funny Games tells the story of a grim and gritty Undertale AU where evil papyrus and Sans find ways to entertain themselves, mostly through home invasion.

  106. Thumb 1508343478 artwork


    We JUST missed the TF2 update for this Patreon sponsored BONUS BOYZ but before Halloween we've got a SPOOKY NOYZ BOYZ in which we complain about Free 2 play robot mmos, Aleks shocks me into silence with his horrible Cuphead opinions, and we share some Trick or Treat stories.

  107. Thumb 1508007938 artwork

    Best Boyz 7: Zodiac

    Zodiac is a faux-documentary following the investigation of the Zodiac Killer from the perspective of the police on the case and a particularly persistent cartoonist named Robert Graysmith.

  108. Thumb 1507863756 artwork

    Homestuck #1: A HS Primer

    Its finally here! The first of four episodes detailing Tad's experience and views on Homestuck, the comic that ruined his life. Episode one is a general cover of Homestuck so the average listener can at least try and understand what the fuck is covered in the future episodes and as a quick rundown of the main plotline of the comic.

  109. Thumb 1507237178 artwork

    Guest Boyz 2: RJ!Lake Homestuck Musician and IndieDev

    Episode two of the patreon Bonus Boyz segment. This month we have Robert Lake of Homestuck fame on board to discuss what it was like to work on Homestuck's music alongside the author and the rest of the music team. Also, his work pre and post homestuck.

  110. Thumb 1506885468 artwork
  111. Thumb 1506031364 artwork

    Retreading NewGrounds

    On a nostalgic kick Aleks and Tad remember the time when flash was king and everyone was hyped for the next Super Mario Brothers Z movie.

  112. Thumb 1505576724 artwork

    BEST BOYZ 6: Fargo

    Tad and TheRealJoeBuck discuss a Minnesota as heck and darn-tootin good film called Fargo.

  113. Thumb 1505337447 artwork


    The long ago teased Star-Fox episode finally makes an appearance! Aleks describes his unfortunate favorite videogame series and goes over how he went about playing the series.

  114. Thumb 1504977354 artwork

    BEST BOYZ 5: Battle Royale

    A film based on the manga/book written by Koushun Takami, Battle Royale is a story about a facist Japanese government who kidnap a group of "troublesome youths" and force them to fight to the death on a deserted island. Basically it's a total ripoff of the hunger games :^)

  115. Thumb 1504823160 artwork

    Cavalcade of Cartoons

    Aleks and Tad share their opinions on a wide range of awful CGI cartoons from the past and (kind of) present. Xavier Renegade Angel is the greatest piece of media in the past decade.

  116. Thumb 1504315647 artwork

    QOTM August [Bonus]

    Patreon bonus questions for the month of August 2017!

  117. Thumb 1504303977 artwork

    Bonus Boyz 1: Alba Answers

    Our first Patreon bonus Noyz Boyz! This episode features Alba from our biggest series, TnA with T & A (and A)

  118. Thumb 1504303636 artwork

    Hollow Knight

    Aleks and Tad talk about the new Kickstarter-Knight game

  119. Thumb 1503622992 artwork

    Online Oddities

    Aleks and Tad talk about some of the particularly odd people they've met in the VIDEOGAME WORLD.

  120. Thumb 1502901010 artwork

    Hyper Dimension Neptunia

    The actual weebiest JRPG in existence, Hyper Dimension Neptunia! Sexy anime girls AND videogame references? Gee wiz!

  121. Thumb 1502840647 artwork

    BEST BOYZ 4: Reservoir Dogs

    Tad and Joe and the sometime movie show! Mr. Navy and Mr. Purple talk about Quentin Tarantino's first movie, Reservoir Dogs.

  122. Thumb 1502647667 artwork


    Tad and Joe and the sometime movie show! This time we're watching "Old Boy" a very peculiar Korean revenge flick.

  123. Thumb 1502413902 artwork

    Wow Lore #3 The Frozen Throne

    Exactly seven days after WoW Lore #2 we come right back to finish off The Frozen Throne with Tad and Matt.

  124. Thumb 1502076504 artwork

    Best Boyz: Jacob's Ladder

    Tad and Joe and the sometime movie show! This time we're watching "Jacob's Ladder" a movie well known for being a major inspiration for the Silent Hill series.

  125. Thumb 1501814226 artwork


    A very LARGE some would say IMMENSE Noyz Boyz with your boyz Tad and Aleks.

  126. Thumb 1501631201 artwork

    QOTM July [Bonus]

    Patreon bonus questions for the month of July 2017!

  127. Thumb 1501069183 artwork

    EVO 2017

    Back from Evolution 2017 in...very warm Las Vegas, Nevada Aleks is ready to talk about his experience at the worlds largest and most prestigious fighting game tournament.

  128. Thumb 1500436568 artwork

    Near Death Experiences

    The brothers join Tad to talk about the myriad of times we've all very nearly died. Ol' boney Joe hasn't got us yet!

  129. Thumb 1499833364 artwork

    Let Me Tell You About...Darkest Fungeon!

    Darkest Dungeon was a game Tad had his eye on for a very long time despite Aleks' repeated warnings. Wrapped up in the games setting and immersive gameplay Tad was subject to horrors beyond comprehension. Are we just two scrublords or are there legitimate problems with the game design?

  130. Thumb 1499486552 artwork

    Nintendo RPG

    Aleks and Tad discuss the "nintendo RPG" genre and its merits over traditional JRPG formats. Also Tad bitches about Paper Mario for 20 minutes.

  131. Thumb 1498969761 artwork
  132. Thumb 1498704543 artwork

    Best Boyz : Brazil

    TheRealJoeBuck joins the show once again to discuss the movie 'Brazil" with Tad

  133. Thumb 1498093275 artwork

    Dream Series #3 : NIEL

    Actual content warning We thought it would be interesting to show how the same mind that thinks of wacky kid cartoons about pink sand golems can use that same cinematography and worldbuilding for a much darker use.

    Season finale of Aleks' Dream Series with probably one of the most fucked up dreams I've ever heard. Its not for the light of heart. But theres also Will smith in a Wal-Mart coat rack! So feel free to drop out after that.

  134. Thumb 1497414508 artwork

    E3 2017

    Aleks and Tad do E3 2017!

  135. Thumb 1497314531 artwork

    Hover: Revolt of Gamers

    After an unfortunate hiatus Aleks and Tad return to talk about a recently released kickstarter game and its abhorrent ending.

  136. Thumb 1495906323 artwork
  137. Thumb 1495695605 artwork

    Run Escape

    Tim and Tad talk about 'Run Escape' the worlds #1 browser based, Free To Play, Javascript, maximum grind, MMORPG for people under the age of 17.

  138. Thumb 1495146339 artwork



    Shoutout to Stahlherz and Lupidoops for the NOYZ BOYZ logo!

  139. Thumb 1494399753 artwork
  140. Thumb 1493836306 artwork

    Life And Times Of A Pizza Delivery Driver

    Dan (The DM) and Tad talk about his time delivering pizza in beautiful Columbus Ohio and the colorful and definitely not ACTUALLY insane people he's met.

  141. Thumb 1493599238 artwork

    QOTM April [Bonus]

    Patreon questions of the month bonus episode for April 2017

  142. Thumb 1493226406 artwork

    Internet Usernames (and you!)

    Aleks and Tad talk about something everyone reading this has in common. Dumb internet usernames and the history behind them.

  143. Thumb 1492835639 artwork


    It's da boyz w/ da noyz "rapping" about nice guys and our parents being terrible.

  144. Thumb 1491973401 artwork

    Serial Killers and Indie Games

    Dahmer and Cavestory, Gacy and Fez, Andrei Chikatilo and Yookah Laylee! Back by popular demand its TheRealJoeBuck! This time around we talk about our favorite serial killers and of course, indie games!

  145. Thumb 1491373027 artwork
  146. Thumb 1491069616 artwork
  147. Thumb 1490921940 artwork

    TF2 and the Hat Based Economy

    Aleks and Tad share a brief history of Team Fortress and their experiences in the entirely hat based economy of a first person shooter.

  148. Thumb 1490188161 artwork

    Breath of the Wild

    Aleks and Tad share stories about their playthroughs of Breath of the Wild and their thoughts about the game design philosophies present throughout the game.

  149. Thumb 1489609290 artwork
  150. Thumb 1489598780 artwork

    Starting a Streaming Website (With GeePM)

    Old friend of the show GeePM joins Tad, Michael, and Daniel as we reminisce about the good ol' days of Gookshot and Mario Retardy. Also how they drove to Florida to go to Universal Studios and it was a fucking terrible idea!

  151. Thumb 1489006863 artwork
  152. Thumb 1487781475 artwork

    Assigned Male

    Sophie Labelle and Assigned Male. Khan and Tad discuss one of the worst webcomics on the planet and the probably-an-actual-psychopath author.

  153. Thumb 1487139576 artwork


    Take a time machine with us as we travel to the far back world of 2012 and The Homestuck Adventure Game Kickstarter: Hiveswap! A breakdown of what exactly happened to make this the worst kickstarter of all time.

  154. Thumb 1486628870 artwork

    Japanese 101 classmates

    Michael and Daniel stop by to share some choice bits from their time in OSU's japanese classes and the horrible weeaboos they had to study alongside.

  155. Thumb 1485972034 artwork

    SWOLE-QUEST w/ Mike & Tad

    SWOLE-QUEST is a new bi-weekly spinoff podcast starring Tad and Micahel (@poltfan69) about mental health, physical fitness, and of course anime waifus.

  156. Thumb 1485499287 artwork

    Wacky and Crazy Childhood Stories

    Aleks and I swap stories of childhood mischief and actual kid-psychopaths. A lot of back and forth stories in this one. Don't get emotional whiplash my dudes.

  157. Thumb 1484722652 artwork
  158. Thumb 1484162636 artwork

    Playing A Competitive Naruto Game Out Of Spite

    Brian Murphy aka "Bob" from the Shadowrun and Dragon Dildos episode tells us about how he learned to play a Naruto fighting game purely out of spite and the intent to piss off Naruto fans. And also make some cash money.

  159. Thumb 1483603870 artwork

    How I Was Drawn Into Monster Musume

    Guest Brother Deadeye AKA @poltfan69 joins us again to tell a tale of translating manga and near death experiences in the high mountains of Colorado.

  160. Thumb 1482956007 artwork
  161. Thumb 1482621583 artwork
  162. Thumb 1482466159 artwork

    2016 Wrap Up

    2016 the meme year! We made this before people made memes of the Russian ambassador being fucking shot.

  163. Thumb 1482083740 artwork


    Aleks and I discuss a little game you might have heard of called "Undertale"

  164. Thumb 1481857453 artwork

    Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann...kinda

    TENGEN TOPPA GURREN LAGANN SPOILER WARNING. What started as a TTGL talkback spiraled outwards when I had to release my PURE ANGER ABOUT HIVESWAP

  165. Thumb 1480138098 artwork

    NOYZ BOYZ #1

    NOYZ BOYZ is a long form shoot-the-breeze spin-off of Let Me Tell You About. Perfect for MMO Grinding or Post Apocalypse bunker time. Cast: Tad and Aleks.

  166. Thumb 1479509186 artwork
  167. Thumb 1478537463 artwork

    Overwatch's Future

    Two platinum shitters talk about things they shouldn't and how the game may be totally screwed from the start.

  168. Thumb 1477859597 artwork

    Making indie feature-length films

    TheRealJoeBuck back at it again. Joe shares his on-set stories filming three movies with Hometown Hero Productions. River City Panic, Grace's Room, and the upcoming Butcher the Bakers.

  169. Thumb 1477859170 artwork

    Chris Chan

    TheRealJoeBuck joins me for a discussion on one of our favorite internet all-stars. Christian Weston Chandler.

  170. Thumb 1477858825 artwork

    The AssAssination of JFK

    The ass-assination of JFK was incredibly suspicious and special guest CrispyKhan shares his side of the story with me and what he believes really went down.

  171. Thumb 1477857563 artwork

    PAX West 2016

    A weekend of excitement and video games! Standing in line in the rain! Standing in line in the convention hall! Standing in line in front of the Reeses puff pit! PAX West baby!

  172. Thumb 1477848296 artwork

    Wow Deepest Lore (Part 2)

    Aleks joins Gonz and I as we move on to warcraft 3. Hoo boy there is a lot to cover.

  173. Thumb 1477848218 artwork

    WoW Deepest Lore (Part 1)

    My good friend Gonzales and I discuss the recent (at the time) Warcraft movie and how it relates to the actual HARD TRUTH of the REAL DEAL Warcraft lore.

  174. Thumb 1477847043 artwork

    Horror and Horrible MOBAs

    Tad discusses his experience with dark fantasy and horror. And the scariest thing of all, terrible MOBA games.

  175. Thumb 1477846344 artwork

    Mighty Number 9

    Aleks tells me his take on Mighty Number 9 as a game, and a representation of kickstarter as a whole. AKA How he pissed away almost 20 dollars.

  176. Thumb 1477846255 artwork

    Chicago Miku Expo 2016

    Aleks and I take a trip to Chicago to see Japanese popstar sensation Hatsune Miku!

    Fuck Chicago!

  177. Thumb 1477846022 artwork

    Shadowrun and Crippling Dragon Dildo Addiction

    Another roleplaying based episode this week as DJ, his brother Deadeye, Gonzales, and myself entertain you with a provocative tale of one girl and her crippling dragon dildo obsession almost ruining a shadowrun RPG campaign.

  178. Thumb 1477586296 artwork

    L.A. Hatsune Miku Expo 2016

    Aleks tells me about him and his friend Ryan/Guutsu's trip to Los Angeles for the Hatsune Miku concert. Things do not go smoothly.

  179. Thumb 1477585568 artwork

    Shutting down Neopets

    Special guest brothers DJworksafety and Deadeye share a story about exploiting bad internet speeds, money laundering, Strong bad emails, and dicks covered in bees.

  180. Thumb 1477532567 artwork

    Thanar, hero of WoW roleplay

    Aleks recites the many tales of Thanar and his adventures within the world of WoW roleplaying.

  181. Thumb 1477532184 artwork
  182. Thumb 1477531062 artwork
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